Uri Geller
Uri GellerYossi Zeliger/Flash90

Psychic Uri Geller on Wednesday night spoke to Israel's FM 103 Radio about the recent discovery of a soap factory at the site of his planned Jaffa museum.

"During the construction work for your Jaffa museum, you became an archaeological hobbyist," the interviewer noted.

"That's true but let's go a few decades back," Geller explained. "I basically became an archaeological hobbyist, like you called me, when I finished my IDF service and Moshe Dayan didn't care about spoons and telepathy, he just asked me to find him antiquities."

"We would go out in the middle of the night, 12, 1, 2, in the morning, with his car, sometimes there'd be a driver and sometimes not. We'd travel to Ashkelon Beach, and he just asked me to find him antiquities, and I found them.

"All sorts of security agencies would use me... The Mossad didn't understand how I do what I do, they called the CIA. The CIA took me in '72 for tests in Langley, Virginia, their headquarters in Palo Alto and Stanford, and they really wanted to know if whether with supernatural powers or telepathy you could ifnd things that were lost, or things underground."

Regarding the soap factory, Geller explained, "I was standing on a dune, and I said, 'There's something here.' I asked permission to take out the dirt and the trash, the waste, from the Israel Antiquities Authority, and they said I can. And what's uncovered in front of my eyes? A soap factory."

"Wow, that's amazing, its unbelievable," he added.

Geller said his next project is to find the Tablets and Holy Ark.

"i really want to help them find the Tablets of the Covenant, [and] the Holy Ark," he said. "I have to do it, [at least] to try."

Confirming that the soap factory will be incorporated into the museum, he explained that even though it "stole" a quarter of the museum, "yes, on the right side there will be an amazing soap factory."

"I think that all the tourists from all over the world will come," he added.