Anti-Israel protest in Belgium
Anti-Israel protest in BelgiumFlash 90

Mustafa Khaled Awad, 36, A Palestinian Arab with Belgian citizenship, was arrested while attempting to enter Israel through the Allenby Crossing, it was cleared for publication Wednesday.

The joint interrogation of the Shin Bet security service and the International Criminal Investigation Unit in Lahav 433 revealed that Mustafa was recruited into the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization and has served as an operative for the terror group since 2010. It was also revealed that Mustafa was a member of a cell of PFLP terrorist operatives living and working in Europe, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, as well as activists in Judea and Samaria.

In the course of his activities for the PFLP, Mustafa left for military training in Lebanon in 2015, where he trained with Hezbollah operatives.

The investigation also revealed that Mustafa helped transfer terrorist funds from the PFLP terrorist organization in Syria and Lebanon to European activists. The Central District Attorney's Office is expected to file an indictment against Mustafa in the coming days for terrorist offenses.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is a terrorist organization that advocates an armed struggle against the State of Israel. It isresponsible for dozens of terror attacks against Israelis in Israel and around the world, including the murder of the late Minister Rechavam Ze'evi in ​​2001.

"The material that emerges from the investigation indicates the proximity of the Palestinian terrorist organizations to the Shi'ite axis in general and to Hezbollah in particular, including the allocation of Hezbollah's resources and facilities for the training and training of Palestinian terrorist operatives trained in Lebanon and sent forward in order to promote terrorism," the Shin Bet stated,

"The investigation illustrates the threat posed by terrorist organizations that recruit activists with foreign documentation to enter Israel. The General Security Service will continue to act with determination to thwart the threat posed by the terrorist organizations operating abroad against the State of Israel."