Mitzpe Ramon
Mitzpe RamonHadas Parush/Flash90

A hiker was killed in front of his family when he fell 30 meters (98 feet) from a cliff near Mitzpe Ramon on Friday night.

Rescue volunteers from the Har Negev unit and the Israeli Air Force's Unit 669 arrived at Nahal Hava (the Hava Stream) and evacuated both the victim and a group of hikers from the area.

The hiker was a resident of central Israel. He, his wife, and his 14-year-old son were hiking together with eight other family members.

Har Negev volunteer Rami Museli said, "We received a call at 6:30p.m., and we contacted Unit 669. A doctor who on the team was forced to declare the victim's death at the scene."

"Afterwards, we began evacuating the body, as well as the family, from the area.

"This is an area with a lot of tourist activity, as well as high cliffs."