Eli Yishai
Eli YishaiHadas Parush/Flashh 90

Former Interior Minister and Yahad faction leader Eli Yisha looks at the escalation in the south and remembers the time he spent as a member of the political-security cabinet.

Today, as one who does not count himself among the decision makers, Yishai sharply criticizes the government over its handling of the escalation in Gaza. "I think that the cabinet does almost nothing. When it comes to talking everyone is excellent but there is much to do in terms of actions," Yishai told Arutz Sheva.

Yishai also doesn't like the Nationality Laq defining Israel as a Jewish state. Yishai says that the wording of the law does not adequately protect Shabbat's status and enables the High Court of Justice to recognize non-Orthodox streams of Judaism.

"The Nationality Law is a good thing, the question is what the content is," he said. "The law talks about a connection to world Jewry and the Supreme Court justices can interpret it as they want and help the Reform. In fact, in the end, you are strengthening the Supreme Court with this law. "

Yishai adds that "there was a mistake with regard to the Druze, who must come to them and find a way to solve this problem and give them full equality."

The former Shas chairman weighed in on the media frenzy that occurred after religious IDF soldiers turned their backs on a female parachuting instructor. "The IDF wants to recruit religious and haredi soldiers but does everything possible so that they will not come," alleged Yishai.

"The army is acting very wrong because you can not put a soldier in a conflict between his God and his commander. If the army wants religious soldiers to enable them to make decisions according to their faith."

"הקבינט לא עושה כמעט כלום"אלירן אהרון