Otzma Yehudit activists in Umm al Fahm
Otzma Yehudit activists in Umm al FahmPress release

A rally by the right-wing Otzma Yehudit at the Israeli-Arab city of Umm al-Fahm ended without incident.

Flanked by a phalanx of police, marchers rallied near a mosque in which the killers of Sergeant Major Hayil Satawi and Command Sergeant Major Kamil Shanaan prayed before committing their deadly attack on the Temple Mount last July and called for the Islamic center to be shuttered.

"If you want to eliminate terror, you have to smash the terror beds in mosques that serve as fertile ground for incitement and rebellion against Israel," said Otzma Yehudit leader Dr. Michael Ben Ari.

Police had originally banned the march out of fears that a clash between the right-wing activists and the hotbed of radical Islam would ignite violence around Israel. Police backed down after Otzma Yehudit appealed to the High Court of Justice, a fact that Otzma Yehudit member Itamar Ben Gvir made sure to remind residents during the rally.

"We won. We came here after you thought we would not enter the city," Ben Gvir exulted through a bullhorn.

"Those who are loyal to Israel are welcome, but those who want to wipe out the state or hurt Druze policemen who represent Israel and incite must be dealt a heavy hand."

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