IDF Manpower Division head Major General Moti Almoz will meet tomorrow with representatives of the Israel Women's Network, a feminist organization founded by the New Israel Fund, which is behind the "anti-religioization" campaign in educational institutions and IDF units.

The women will present Major General Almoz with dozens of testimonies of female soldiers who claim that they were harmed by "religioization" and religious soldiers.

The Israel Women's Network said in a statement that "the IDF must protect the honor of women soldiers. The only way to do this is through institutionalized training and severe punishment of those who violate military orders."

Last May, Maj. Gen. Almoz participated in the Ma'aleh conference in memory of the late journalist and publicist Uri Elitzur. "There have always been women in the IDF and there will be another thousand women in the army in another decade. The IDF has a very clear and unequivocal mission to protect the nation of Israel and it is not a social movement," Almoz said at the conference. "Therefore there is a real military need to recruit girls and by virtue of the fact that the army is the people's army to bring girls into the army as well.

"There are many professions in the army that women do very well, and yet there are professions in which it is a big mistake to include women because of different physiological needs that do not suit them, and there is no chauvinistic overtone here," he noted.

Moti Almoz
Moti AlmozIDF Spokesman