Druze protest Nationality Law
Druze protest Nationality LawFlash 90

Mandi Safadi, Chairman of the Druze for Israel Forum and a member of the Likud movement, believes that opposition from many in the Druze community towards the recently passed nationality law is a result of an attempt by political opportunists to incite Druze against current government.

“There were cry-babies who said that the law turns us into a second class, and anyone who did not bother to read it was insulted by it,” Safadi, who has been an avid defender of the nationality law, told Arutz Sheva.

According to Safadi, the Druze community was given a “distorted” explanation of the law.

"What was explained to them and made clear to them by Tzipi Livni and others is that the new law will deprive us of various rights, that a Druze who wants to build on a plot land or to do additional construction, can be removed by a Jew,” he continued.

“The law was explained to them in a distorted and ugly manner and there are those who believed that the law deprives the minorities of the rights. There is a lot of politics with all of this.”

Safadi believes that Druze need to read the actual legislation for themselves in order to acquire a much more accurate view of the law. According to him, many Druze still have not moved on from the initial stage of having a “distorted” view of the nationality law.

"There are still those who are in the initial process and who have not read the law.”