"Trump anxiety"
"Trump anxiety"iStock

According to reports in the United States, psychiatrists have diagnosed a new kind of anxiety they call "Trump anxiety". It seems that more and more people fear for their lives since the election of Donald Trump to the President of the United States.

Tal Center for Mental and Emotional Support Director Psychiatrist Ilan Tal referred to the phenomenon in a conversation with 103FM. "I don't know if this is a syndrome. Anxiety is built on a threat in the mind, and when you tell yourself you're going to be in a dangerous situation, you experience it out of a feeling that you have no control over it.

"The fear is that someone else is in control and can do something terrible that will influence you. A good example of this is flight anxiety, when someone else controls the plane and if it falls, something terrible happens," Tal added.

When asked how infectious this anxiety was, he replied, "Behaviors and thoughts infect one another because we're creatures that imitate each other. People who by nature aren't worried but are next to people who are very concerned, the concern will also reach their hearts. We usually tell a person who's anxious to talk to someone who calms him down."