Scene of attack in Adam
Scene of attack in AdamTPS

Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen at the beginning of today's cabinet meeting declared responsibility for the Adam murder on the Palestinian Authority and its leader.

"The Palestinian Authority and Abbas have direct responsibility for the despicable attack that took place on Thursday, since they talked about continued funding and subsidizing murderers," he said.

"We must stop this incitement. Anyone who talks about a political settlement, about a desire to live in peace, cannot finance murderers and martyrs," he added.

Minister Cohen was also asked by reporters to comment on Minister Yoav Galant's remarks regarding the possibility that his party leader, Moshe Kahlon of Kulanu, would serve as Prime Minister.

"Minister Kahlon did important jobs, he was an excellent Finance Minister, and Communications Minister. In my opinion there's no reason why in the future he couldn't also serve in this position," Cohen said.

"לאבו מאזן אחריות ישירה לפיגוע"