Rabbi Dov Lior
Rabbi Dov LiorYoni Kempinski

Rabbi Dov Lior, one of the most prominent halakhic authorities who support ascending the Temple Mount, recently commented on the question on the yeshiva site regarding the issue of ascending the Temple Mount for those who do not observe the halakhic boundaries.

The question began: "From time to time, groups of secular people who are interested in going to the Temple Mount. Many of them go in utterly certain impurity. A considerable proportion even come with leather shoes on their feet," which is forbidden.

The questioner then presented Rabbi Lior the dilemma he and his friends face: "If we guide them on their visit to the Mount, we can talk to them about Judaism and the Temple and make sure they don't enter the elevated level and not violate a prohibition carrying excision. On the other hand, by guiding them, we may legitimize their ascension in impurity and nullify the positive commandment of sending away the impure and guarding the Temple. How should one act according to Jewish Law?"

Rabbi Lior replied that improper ascent to the Temple Mount should not be legitimized, even at the cost of these visitors' transgressing more severe prohibitions. "It appears simple that ascending the Temple Mount in impurity should not be legitimized, even if this prevents ascent.

"It is better that they not ascend at all than that they ascend in impurity while those ascending in purity ignore it. The main thing is that you not support or help, even indirectly, improper ascent to the Temple Mount," added Rabbi Lior.