Gen. Ofger Winter
Gen. Ofger WinterHillel Meir/TPS

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman called Brigadier General Ofer Winter "a high-quality and experienced officer" after appointing General Winter to be his military secretary Wednesday.

"I decided to appoint Brig. Gen. Ofer Winter as my military secretary. I'm sure that a high-quality and experienced officer like him will help me a lot," Liberman wrote in his Twitter account.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry announced that Minister Liberman, in consultation with Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, had decided to appoint Brigadier General Winter to the post.

Upon his appointment to the position, Brigadier General Winter will replace Brig. Gen. Yair Coles, who served as military secretary in recent years. The date of the official replacement will be determined soon.

Winter is currently the head of the Central Command headquarters. In the past, he was commander of the Givati ​​brigade, commander of the northern brigade in the Gaza Strip, commander of the 646 brigade, commander of the Duvdevan unit and commander of the Givati ​​reconnaissance battalion.
Winter suffered from a media onslaught during and following Operation Protective Edge, when he commanded the Givati brigade and wrote a “battle command page” for his soldiers, in which he said, "History chose us to be at the forefront of the battle against the terrorist Gazan enemy that curses, reviles and insults the G-d of the campaigns of Israel. I turn my eyes to the heavens and call out with you, ‘Hear O Israel, Hashem our G-d, Hashem is One.’ Hashem the G-d of Israel, make our path successful, as we ready to fight for your nation, Israel, against an enemy who curses your name.”

He was a leading candidate for the post of military secretary to the prime minister, but it was ultimately decided not to appoint him to the position. As the military secretary of the defense minister, he will meet many times with the prime minister's team.

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) congratulated Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on his decision to appoint Winter.

"Brig. Gen. Ofer Winter, commander of the Givati ​​Brigade in Operation Protective Edge, is a commander and officer of values, professional and excellent. As a commander leading his soldiers to the battle, Winter concluded his battle command with his faith, the faith of the people of Israel throughout the ages and read the cry "Shema Yisrael ..." in order to formulate a spirit of sacrifice for his soldiers. Elements of the radical left used these expressions to influence the delay in his advancement in the IDF."

"I am happy to thank Defense Minister Liberman for intervening and enabling Winter to be appointed as a military secretary to the Defense Minister, a position that will enable him to contribute his strength and talents to Israel's security. His success - the success of the Jewish people," MK Yogev said