Last year's march
Last year's marchGershon Elinson

The PA “foreign ministry” issued a statement denouncing the intention to hold a Tisha B'Av march around the walls of the Old City, a tradition that the “Women in Green” organization has been carrying out for 24 years.

In its statement, the PA said that this was a "provocative step" aimed at "realizing sovereignty over Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, and uniting the city as the capital of Israel, under the auspices and with participation of a number of Israeli public figures."

"This march is a continuation of the radical policy prevailing in the political arena in Israel and among the settlers, especially since Trump's ominous statement about Jerusalem, the transfer of the American embassy to the city, the ongoing Judaization of the holy city and its separation from its Palestinian surroundings." According to the statement, the move "prevents the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, sovereign and territorial, with East Jerusalem as its capital."

The PA called on the international community "to act immediately to defend what remains of its credibility, to implement the relevant UN resolutions and to take measures to force the State of Israel to comply with international law and the international desire for peace."

"The fact that Israel is not obligated to account for its aggressive and provocative conduct encourages it to continue to commit further violations and crimes and to continue the violent isolation of occupied Jerusalem and its holy places," the statement said.

Women in Green said in response: "The Tisha B'Av march is meant to strengthen our sovereignty in the eternal city of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and we thank the President of the United States, Donald Trump, for supporting this trend. We are proud that this march is another step in the moves to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian terror state in the heart of the country, as they themselves claim. The steps for sovereignty in Jerusalem are part of the overall process on which we are working to apply Israel's sovereignty over Judea and Samaria."