Nadia Cohen
Nadia CohenShlomi Yosef

Nadia Cohen, the widow of legendary spy Eli Cohen, who was executed in Damascus, Syria in 1965, responded to a Kuwaiti newspaper report on contacts between Israel and Syria to retrieve the remains of her husband's body.

"I heard the news an hour ago from friends who read in the Kuwaiti newspaper and showed us the text, and of course I consulted with officials in the institution, and of course I have not received a final answer. I spoke with the clerk and she told me it was nonsense, that it never happened and wouldn't happen, but I was waiting for information anyway from Yossi Cohen, the head of the Mossad, and we have not yet received the final answer," Cohen said.

"I do not think it's real, and it does not seem to me that there really was a request like that," Cohen added.

According to her, someone is trying to deceive the family, perhaps because of the tension between Israel and Syria. "If there was something then the Mossad would contact us and tell us and prepare us, but I was the one who told them there was such an article, I'm waiting for them to tell us where it came from."

"I think it's unfair. It's not nice. The Syrians do not have to deceive us. We wish for ourselves and for him that this moment will come," said Cohen.

Last week, the Mossad announced that it had recovered Eli Cohen's wristwatch. At a recent memorial event for Cohen, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen showed the watch to relatives of the fallen spy, which Eli Cohen used during his undercover work in Syria.