the empty eagalitarian section at the Kotel
the empty eagalitarian section at the Kotelצילום: חדשות הכותל המערבי

Rick Jacobs, the President of the Union for Reform Judaism, slammed Shas MK Yinon Azoulay's comments that the Reform Movement was responsible for the recent earthquakes that struck northern Israel in the wake of the movements push to enlarge the egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall.

"In light of this pathetic claim, we will not stop trying to change the status quo at the Western Wall and throughout the Jewish State," Jacobs said.

"These daily attacks of hatred by Israeli leaders are offensive to anyone who loves the Jewish people, especially as we approach Tisha B'Av," he said.

MK Azoulay suggested that efforts to implement the Western Wall Deal were to blame for an early morning earthquake during a Knesset discussion of the plan Wednesday.

"Today we heard that there was an earthquake. Maybe we should do some soul-searching? Maybe this earthquake is because someone here is trying to harm what is holy to us?" Azoulay said.

"Listen to our pain. They're not Jewish. Would you give them a foothold in Al-Aqsa Mosque?"

The early morning quake measured 4.1 on the Richter Scale. It was followed by two more earthquakes late Wednesday night, measuring 3.2 and 4.3 on the Richter Scale.