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A Reform movement youth leader in Britain who participated in a public “Kaddish for Gaza,” was removed as a leader of the youth group’s summer tour in Israel.

Nina Morris-Evans was dropped Monday as a tour leader for the summer teen tour of the Reform movement’s youth wing, RSY-Netzer. The Movement for Reform Judaism said the move is “in the best interests of the participants,” the London-based Jewish News reported.

Her firing came a month after the group had confirmed that she would still lead a tour, despite her participation in the mid-May event in which several dozen young people gathered outside Parliament Square and recited Kaddish, the Jewish mourning prayer, for terrorists and rioters killed by Israeli forces during clashes on the border with Gaza as part of the so-called March of Return. Morris-Evans retained her position after apologizing for describing the Gazan deaths in the clashes in a subsequent op-ed for the Jewish News as “murder.” As part of her reinstatement at the time, Morris-Evans was required to undergo a mentoring program.

She said at the time: “I hope that my deep love for Israel, my acknowledgement of the difficulties that have risen from my actions and my intention to ensure these young people have the best month of their lives will make me the kind of leader that you can feel proud of.”

On Monday, however, a joint statement issued by RSY-Netzer, Reform Judaism and UJIA, which oversees Israel tours from 13 religious and ideological movements, said: “Over the course of extensive dialogue with an Israel tour leader, unfortunately it has become clear to RSY-Netzer, Reform Judaism and UJIA, that we cannot arrive at a position of certainty that (her) leading tour is in the best interests of the participants.” The groups said they could not add any details since it is a personnel issue.

The Hamas terrorist organization admitted that at least 50 of the rioters killed on May 14, the deadliest day of the riots, were members of the terror group.