Netanyahu at cabinet meeting
Netanyahu at cabinet meetingHezki Baruch

Prime Minister Netanyahu, this morning, Sunday, at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, made the following remarks:

"The Iranian regime is feeling very well the coming reimposition of the economic sanctions against it. The Iranian economy is at a low point. One needs to see the data in order to believe. Iran is investing billions of dollars in financing terrorism in the region and around the world, and in aggression in the region, instead of investing them in the Iranian people, and the Iranian people are protesting this, and rightly so.

The change in the US position toward Iran is a strategic turnaround in Israel's situation. I believed that his change was possible when I stood up against the entire world in order to cancel this bad agreement. Our goal is what it always has been: To prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons and to break the cash machine that the agreement gave Iran, which finances its aggression in the region including Syria.

At a time when the US is economically striking at the Iranian regime, we are working to prevent Iranian forces and those of its proxies from establishing a military presence anywhere in Syria, and we will continue to do so.

Regarding southern Syria, we will continue to defend our borders. We will extend humanitarian assistance to the extent of our abilities. We will not allow entry into our territory and we will demand that the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement with the Syrian army be strictly upheld.

I am in continual contact with the White House and the Kremlin on this matter. The Defense Minister and the Chief-of-Staff are in similar contact with their counterparts in both the US and Russia."