Maximum security prison in Israel
Maximum security prison in IsraelFlash 90

An Israeli soldier serving as a prison guard in northern Israel claims she was harassed by an Arab terrorist serving a jail term, adding that authorities attempted to cover up the incident.

According to a report by Channel 20 on Thursday, the female soldier was assigned to work at Meggido Prison in northern Israel, where she claims she suffered harassment at the hands of a jailed terrorist.

After she requested that a senior terrorist jailed in Meggido known to hold sway over other Arab security prisoners intervene on her behalf, the senior terrorist became outraged, cursing her and complaining to senior prison officials.

In response to the senior terrorist’s complaint against her, prison officials at Meggido reportedly called the female soldier to a hearing for a reprimand.

Two senior officers at the prison warned the soldier not to disclose the incident to the media, telling her that if she revealed what had happened they would ensure that her family would be deported.

“We will send you and your family back to Ethiopia.”

Channel 20 claimed that other officers made similar threats to the soldier, demanding she not reveal that she had been harassed.

A spokesperson for the Israel Prison Service could not confirm or deny the claims made in the report, saying only that the incident would be “investigated by the police” and probed by IPS officials.