Four tank commanders
Four tank commandersIDF Spokesman

After a year-and-four-months, Armored Corps female soldier training was completed today. They will serve as combat soldiers in IDF tanks.

Of the 15 girls enlisted in the trial framework, ten finished their training, with four of them having completed a separate tank commanders course. They will serve as Armored Corps tank commanders.

Chief Armored Officer Brigadier General Guy Hasson said every tank under female command will have only female fighters, and that there will be no mixed tanks.

Tank fighters
Tank fightersFlash 90

"We didn't give in to them by an inch them up and we didn't compromise. It can be said for them that they did it like real fighters," said Brigadier General Hasson.

At this stage, the fighters will not be deployed along the Gaza border. Later on they will be deployed along the Israel-Egypt border, Jordan, and in the Adom Formation in the south.

Fighters who did not take the tank commanders course currently serve in the mixed Karakal Battalion, and may be transferred to another position during their military service.

At the trial's conclusion, recommendations will be submitted for Ground Forces Command scrutiny, who will have to decide together with Chief of Staff Eizenkot whether they will continue training the female combat soldiers and if so in what capacity.

מפקדות הטנקים החדשותדובר צה"ל

Tank fighters
Tank fightersFlash 90