The court hearing
The court hearingצילום: עצמי

The Jerusalem District Court held a hearing on the matter of BDS activist and Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine director Omar Shakir Tuesday.

The Interior Minister decided last month not to extend Shakir's work visa to Israel in view of his activity against Israel by promoting boycotts and sanctions against Israel around the world.

Shakir was accompanied by foreign diplomats from various countries, including Canada and the Netherlands, as well as diplomats from the United Nations and the European Union.

At the hearing, Adv. Nati Rom, founder of the Lev Haolam organization, who fights against the global boycott and the BDS movement, was present in close contact with citizens in more than 43 countries around the world. When he emerged from the hearing, Dr. Rom sent a message to the supporters of Israel in which he spoke of the discussion and the 'extreme left' organization Human Rights Watch.

"I have just left the court where extreme left-wing organizations, funded by your tax money and people from all over the world, are trying to" cancel the decision of the State of Israel not to renew the visa to an Arab who is boycotting Israel.

"Not only your money, but diplomats from Canada, the European Union, the Netherlands and the UN, came to represent him and make sure he is legally protected and pressured the court and the government.

"The court today discussed a petition submitted by a leftist organization against the decision of the State of Israel to prevent renewals of a visa under the Boycott Law for workers and tourists who are here and in fact terrorists in the State of Israel and are trying to harm it. Each state may decide who will enter its territory. Clearly, no country would allow this."

"It is sad to see the enormous financial investment that radical organizations are investing in order to appeal and try to harm the State of Israel and this decision, with the encouragement of diplomats and money all over the world given by foreign governments, including diplomats who are in the courts and trying to pressure the judicial system and the Israeli government to deny its right to self-defense against from fifth column and terrorists," said attorney Rom.