M-16צילום: ISTOCK

The military court on Tuesday sentenced a soldier to seven and a half years in prison for taking 3 M-16 assault rifles from his base and selling them to a civilian.

The soldier was convicted on the basis of his confession, as part of a plea bargain, of removing weapons from the army and selling arms. The soldier was arrested on April 10, shortly after he had committed the offenses.

In its verdict, the Court referred to the severity of the acts and the inherent risk to the public, in light of the real concern that military weapons may reach unauthorized and hostile hands.

The trial of another soldier who was involved in acts is still being conducted by the military court. The trial of the citizen who purchased the weapons is being handled by a civilian court.

The IDF said: "The IDF will continue to act to bring to justice all those involved in the removal of weapons from the army and arms trade."