MK Eli Yishai
MK Eli YishaiFlash 90

Head of the Yahad party, former Minister Eli Yishai, referred in an interview with Arutz Sheva to the struggle against kite terrorism, and said that the time has come to move from talk to action.

"Kite terror is just like Qassam and rocket terror, and therefore we have to act against the launchers, the PA and Hamas with a hard hand. It is a pity to allow them to organize and grow stronger, and only later to approve what they were supposed to approve now."

Yishai called for "destruction inside Gaza without mercy when they send this fire against us. They must be hit with fire."

Another issue that he was asked to address was that of dealing with illegal infiltrators, in light of the way US President Donald Trump is handling immigrants. Yishai believes that such a plan could be implemented in Israel if we wanted it. He said that he himself acted similarly in his capacity as interior minister, even as Israel gave infiltrators an emigration grant indicating a more sensitive approach than that used by the US.

"We want to unite these families back into the bosom of their families in every country, to bring them back to their wider family." As for the supreme court's response to the government's moves, Yishai said that the court is also examining the government's conduct and response - “does it get excited from various groups or not?”

“In my time, we went head to head firmly against them, and most of the infiltrators left voluntarily. They must see a determined government. Is the current government determined? Unfortunately, no."

Regarding investigations against Sara Netanyahu, Yishai said that he wishes her "to come out well and it will prove that it’s all is nothing and there will be no trial, and if there is one, I wish her to be completely acquitted."

As for himself and returning to the political arena, Yishai said that his party will run in local elections in dozens of places throughout the country. Regarding the possibility of joining Shas, Yishai said that his party would run independently, and that if all those who feared that their vote would be lost and therefore did not vote for Yahad last time would do so now, his party would succeed in passing the threshold, and would even receive eight Knesset seats.

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