Rioters in Gaza near Israeli fence
Rioters in Gaza near Israeli fenceAbed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

The IDF opened fire at a group of terrorists who had launched a series of arson balloons from Gaza Sunday afternoon.

"A short while ago, an IDF aircraft fired shots near a group of Palestinians who launched arson balloons in the southern Gaza Strip," the IDF stated.

Earlier, a fire broke out in the Kissufim Forest near Gaza following the launching of a Molotov Cocktail from the Gaza Strip.

Over 25,000 dunams (6,177.6 acres) of Israeli land - mostly forests and agricultural fields - have been scorched by the terror kites in recent months, while the perpetrators have gone unpunished. Extensive damage has been caused to Israeli crops, irrigation systems, wildlife, and forests/

Earlier Sunday, Education Minister Naftali Bennett called for a tougher response to the 'kite terror' phenomenon.

Bennett made it clear that in his opinion, the regulations for opening fire should be changed. "My position is that one who launches an incendiary balloon or explosive balloon should be fired at as if he had launched a Qassam."

"I am happy that the defense establishment is gradually adopting this line. We should not wait for the citizens of Israel to be harmed to wake up," added Bennett.