The Palestinian Authority (PA) envoy to Iraq recently said that the Jews “are not a people” and also invited Iraqi militias to “liberate Palestine”.

The comments by the envoy, Ahmed Aql, were made during a recent interview with the Iraqi Al-Rased TV channel and were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In his remarks, Aql complained that U.S. President Trump had recognized Jerusalem “as the capital of the Jewish people and not just the capital of the Jewish people.”

Asked whether Trump’s language was deliberate or a slip of the tongue, the envoy replied, “This is what the Jews are demanding. They are trying to establish that Judaism constitutes a people, which is not true. Judaism is a religion, like Islam or Christianity.”

Asked what would happen if the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units decided to go to “Palestine” to liberate it, Aql replied that the entire Palestinian people would welcome them.

“Theoretically speaking, the Palestinians are looking for someone to help them liberate their land. There is a consensus about this. So whoever trains his gun on the Zionist enemy and liberates Palestine…Everybody will support them, because people are seeking a new Saladin or a new Nebuchadnezzar,” he said.