Jewish cemetery (illustrative)
Jewish cemetery (illustrative)Flash 90

More than 30 headstones were toppled and smashed at a Jewish cemetery in Manchester, England.

The vandalism at the Urmston Jewish Cemetery discovered this week comes after two other reports of similar damage on May 7 and May 14, in which 22 headstones were toppled, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

Police are investigating the incidents as hate crimes, according to the report. The cemetery had security cameras and police reportedly are viewing the footage. Police patrols in the area also have been increased, the London-based Jewish News reported.

The most recent attack, reported on Sunday, caused “thousands of pounds of damage,” local councilwoman Joanne Harding, who visited the cemetery on Tuesday, said in a tweet.

The cemetery caretaker showed the councilwoman around the damage at the cemetery. “Imagine going to see your relatives graves and find it trashed and disrespected,” she also tweeted.