Waiting at crossing
Waiting at crossingIDF Spokesman
Yesterday, tens of thousands of Muslim worshippers crossed through the various crossings in Judea and Samaria on their way to the Temple Mount for Laylat al-Qadr prayers. In total, approximately 91,000 worshipers crossed, as opposed to 55,200 last year.

The IDF reports that in total over 91,000 worshipers passed through, compared to 55,200 last year.

In addition, throughout the day approximately 10,000 Muslim worshipers visited the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron. IDF forces in conjunction with Border Police and Israel Police were augmented to secure the prayers, which went on without incident.

It was also reported that during an overnight operation in the Jabel Johar neighborhood of Hevron City an IDF force identified several rock-throwers and arrested one suspect who was interrogated by security forces.

In addition, there was friction between Jewish residents and Arabs near the village of Yitzhar in Samaria.

After IDF forces arrived a violent riot broke out which forces contained with crowd dispersal and live fire.