Israeli military aircraft trained for long-range operations deep in enemy territory in a recent joint exercise with a Mediterranean ally, practicing complex airborne maneuvers with dozens of air units.

The training exercises took place last Thursday, and involved dozens of Israel Air Force aircraft training alongside units from the Greek air force.

Flying over Greece, the exercises simulated two day-time missions, allowing the IAF units to practice various long-range operations carried out far from Israeli airspace.

A total of 40 IAF fighter jets took part in the exercises, making up a total of 10 different squadrons. In addition, refueling aircraft and transports were also used in the exercises.

The exercises took place with no landings, with the aircraft practicing mid-air refueling.

“As part of the [larger training exercises], we’ve just returned from training in Greece,” said the commander of the IAF’s 105 squadron.

“It was a long exercise. My squadron took part in it, along with the rest of the air force. The exercise involved long-distance travel from our base to unfamiliar territory to carry out a precise, specified mission under very challenging conditions. The mission was successful, thanks to our advanced skills, and the precise, explicit planning. Our ability to travel so far out, carry out the mission, and return is a capability we possess, and we are prepared to use it whenever needed.”