At the Habimah Square in Tel Aviv, a "torture exhibit" was held Thursday in which activists demonstrated how suspects in the Duma case were allegedly tortured by their interrogators in the Shin Bet.

According to them, the performance is based on the confessions of the GSS interrogators who testified during the mini-trial being conducted these days.

The torture in the exhibit was presented to various passersby who were invited to experience the techniques used on their own bodies. Danny from Tel Aviv, and Itamar from the Modi'in area, and other people experienced the torture and even admitted to charges the exhibitors asked them to confess. The torturers wore on their backs the names of the GSS agents who tortured the boys during the interrogations.

Otzma Yehudit Chairman Tzvi Sukkot said "We came here today to illustrate what was done in Shin Bet interrogation rooms. We invited people from the street and tried on them what GSS interrogators described doing to interrogees in the Duma case. Everyone who submitted to this on the street confessed what we asked without exception."

Sukkot explained the GSS continues to use violent interrogation methods against a detained minor.

Asked whether he thought the detainees were innocent, he replied, "We claim the confessions taken in the Duma trial cannot be relied on for anything. We demand the establishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate what was done in Duma and what was done in GSS interrogation rooms," said Sukkot.