They burn - we plant
They burn - we plantFlash 90
KKL-JNF joins the Gaza area residents' initiative led by Ophir Leibstein from Kfar Aza, and will hold tree-planting events in the surrounding communities for a week.

The purpose of the events is to strengthen residents on the background of Hamas terrorist attacks on the State of Israel, Gaza vicinity residents, and the severe harm to them and their livelihood.

The Fund will supply thousands of saplings to be distributed and planted by the residents at joint events.

KKL-JNF Planting event
KKL-JNF Planting eventFlash 90

Incendiary kite warfare has preoccupied KKL-JNF since the outbreak of the phenomenon two months ago. The Fund's field personnel in the southern region and firefighters acting on its behalf are mobilized to minimize the impact of kite terror on civilians surrounding Gaza, the forests, and agricultural areas.

KKL-JNF firefighters operate in the field in full cooperation with firefighters and rescue forces, the IDF, and Israel Police by means of firefighters operating around the clock, as well as observers and reconnaissance personnel deployed in the area who constantly update action teams to prevent and minimize damage to Israeli territory.

JNF Chairman Daniel Atar said "the damage caused to KKL-JNF forests and agricultural areas is unprecedented. We're not going to surrender to Hamas, which will have to pay for its criminal actions not only against Israeli citizens, but also against nature and the environment. We join the residents of the Gaza vicinity and embark on a planting operation where a clear message will be conveyed: We live here by strength and growth, and we're united and stronger than ever."

KKL-JNF planting event
KKL-JNF planting eventFlash 90