firefighting near Gaza
firefighting near GazaKKL-JNF

The Keren Kayemet Le’Israel-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) announced Tuesday that it will sue Hamas in international legal court for the severe environmental damage caused to KKL-JNF land in the area surrounding Gaza by firing of rockets and mortar shells, and from the incendiary kites sent to Israel.

To do so, KKL-JNF intends to recruit the help of international law attorneys whose expertise are lawsuits of this kind.

KKL-JNF World Chairman, Daniel Atar, who toured the towns surrounding the Gaza Strip today with KKL-JNF Management, said, “It is inconceivable that the international community would allow Hamas not to be held accountable and pay for its criminal acts; not only against the citizens of the state of Israel, but also against nature and the environment which have been severely hurt by this criminal environmental terrorism. Hamas has proved that they have no humanity; not just toward human beings, but also toward animals and natural resources.”

Atar continued: “We are going on a planting campaign with the children from the towns surrounding Gaza: Hamas burns forests – we plant them. We will prove that our lives here are founded on strength and growth.”

Since the outbreak of these events, 265 fires have been recorded, in which 2820 dunam (approximately 697 acres) of KKL-JNF forests have burned.

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