Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo, candidate for President of the Dominican Republic, spoke to Arutz Sheva contributor Martin Oliner about his family's history of support for Israel and the Jewish people at the annual Salute to Israel parade in New York.

"One of the proudest moments for me in our country's history, and my family in particular, was the fact that my grandfather [Rafael Trujillo], while he was president of the Dominican Republic, was the only government in the world at the Evian Conference to agree to take in 100,000 Jews during the Holocaust and was able to set up the Sosua project, where we took in all the Jews who were fleeing from Europe," Trujillo said.

"I want to work on bringing the Jewish community back into the Dominican Republic," he said.

Trujillo pledged to relocate the Dominican embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as "one of the first things" he will do if he is elected as president in the upcoming elections in 2020.

He accused the current Dominican government of "not being very favorable towards the Jewish community."

He pledged to work to foster greater economic cooperation between Israel and the Dominican Republic "to work in technologies, drip irrigation, forestation, energy, and all those things you know very well."