Peace Now demands Nativ Ha'avot destruction
Peace Now demands Nativ Ha'avot destructionFlash 90

The Lavicitizen's rights and good governance organization reveals the petition filed by Yesh Din against Nativ Ha'avot requesting of the Supreme Court a decision to demolish the neighborhood was supported by an affidavit signed by Muhand Anati, an organization operative convicted of terrorist activity.

Anati was convicted of security offenses and killing a collaborator in the late 1980s for which he served long years in an Israeli prison, Lavi says. He was sentenced to 13-and-a-half years in prison, but was granted early release for good behavior.

In the factual part of Yesh Din's petition against the Nativ Ha'avot neighborhood, Anati provided details as a "field researcher" of the organization.

"The affidavit of terrorist Muhand Anati to the Supreme Court reveals the depth of corruption in the evidentiary infrastructure submitted by Yesh Din to the Supreme Court. It's a disgrace that Supreme Court justices rely on affidavits of such terrorists to destroy Jewish homes In Judea and Samaria."