David Bitan
David BitanFlash 90

Coalition Chairman David Bitan (Likud) on Wednesday said the haredi-proposed draft law has no chance of passing during the current Knesset session.

"The Draft Law has no chance of passing before the end of this Knesset session," Bitan told Army Radio.

He called on the haredi parties not to make an ultimatum over the issue.

Bitan also said there is no real reason to push for equality in the draft law, since even among secular Israelis, the status quo is unequal.

"Half of northern Tel Aviv doesn't draft either," he said. "There's no equality and there will be no equality between different sectors when it comes to enlistment. And even the IDF itself isn't interested in it."

United Torah Judaism's MK Eliezer Moses said, "If G-d forbid we go back to having criminal sanctions [for those who don't enlist - ed.], we will not accept that situation at all. Even the latest rumor that the police will come check to see if those who received a deferment due to their studies in yeshiva, are in fact learning in yeshiva, is something we will oppose."

In March, the Ashkenazi-haredi UTJ party threatened to force early elections if the draft law did not pass during the Knesset's summer session.