Two discharged soldiers were kidnapped while on a trip to South America.

The soldiers were visiting a legal marijuana farm on Saturday near Cali, ​​Colombia when the incident occurred.

"The car came with the guide and the driver and we were surprised that only the two of us were taking part in the trip," one of the soldiers told Israel Hayom. "Typically, these trips are made in larger groups. At first we thought it would be fun. We had no idea what nightmare awaited us."

"When we got to the farm, we felt that something was off. There was a little trouble at the entrance, but we didn't get excited. We managed to get in. Armed men who had taken over the vehicle were waiting for us. They took the driver back and took us forcibly to an isolated area about an hour and a half away in the jungle," the soldier said.

One of the soldiers was quoted as saying, "When we arrived at an area close to the river, a group of armed criminals surrounded us. Monica begged us not to speak in Spanish and made as if we didn't understand what was going on around us."

After a short time, their 'patron' entered the vehicle, equipped with an Uzi submachine gun. "He made it very clear what he wanted - $ 200,000 immediately. They held us for hours on end. The 'patron' stressed: Give us the money or you will not leave here.' We offered the money we had but it was not enough."

"They took us out of the car and asked: ' What are we doing with you now? 'These were long hours of anxiety, it felt like an eternity. Until our counselor sacrificed herself and asked them to release us. She stayed there and we don't know what happened to her, we hope she's okay."