Ambulances in Gaza Strip
Ambulances in Gaza StripAbed Rahim Khatib/ FLASH90

A Gaza man is in critical condition after he set himself on fire to protest the Hamas government, which rules the Gaza Strip, and the Strip’s high unemployment rate.

Twenty-year-old Fathi Harb cursed the Gaza-based Hamas regime, witnesses say, before setting himself on fire.

Footage of the self-immolation spread on social media shortly after Harb set himself on fire Sunday morning.

Witnesses say the father of two, a resident of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, cursed the Gaza Strip’s rulers before setting himself on fire.

“Damn the government,” Harb reportedly said.

The Hamas terror group, which rules the Gaza Strip, downplayed Harb’s protest of the Gaza government, claiming that the man had set himself on fire as a result of unrelated personal problems.

But relatives say Harb did not suffer from any mental illness, and was motivated by his frustration with the difficult economic situation in the Strip.

“What can a man do when his wife is giving birth and he has no money for a doctor, diapers and milk,” Harb’s mother Majda told AP.

Harb suffered serious injuries in the fire, with second and third-degree burns over almost half of his body. Officials at Shifa hospital said Harb had also suffered from smoke inhalation.

“He is in a very risky, critical condition,” said Shifa spokesperson Nafez Abu Shaban.

Warning: the video below includes graphic content.