Riyad Al-Maliki
Riyad Al-MalikiIssam Rimawi/Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority has called on the Arab world to turn its back on the US diplomatically, urging Arab states to recall their ambassadors from the US in protest of the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem earlier this week.

On Monday, the US implemented the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, relocating its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital city of Jerusalem.

The move drew praise from the Israeli government, but was harshly criticized by the PA, and led the 22-member Arab league to hold an emergency meeting in Cairo.

At the meeting Thursday, PA foreign affairs chief Riyad al-Maliki called on the 22 member states of the league to respond to the embassy relocation by pulling their ambassadors out of Washington DC.

“There is no harm in Arab states collectively recalling their ambassadors in Washington to their capitals for consultations,” Maliki said.

Such a move would “remind them of the Arab rejection of the US embassy's transfer to Jerusalem."

The PA foreign affairs chief accused the US of being ‘biased towards Israel’ and said the Trump administration gave Israel a free hand to act ‘against the Palestinian people.’

Earlier on Thursday, the Arab League called for an international investigation into Israel’s use of force to protect its border from attempted infiltrations by tens of thousands of rioters gathered on the Israel-Gaza frontier.

Approximately 60 rioters were killed in the clashes Monday, the largest since the daily riots began on March 30th.

"We call for a credible international investigation into the crimes committed by the occupation," Arab League chief Ahmed Abul Gheit said in Cairo Thursday.