Liberman at Herzliya Conference
Liberman at Herzliya ConferenceGilad Kavalerchik

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) on Thursday morning emphasized that Israel will not and is not allowing Syria to be used as a launchpad for Iran.

Speaking at the Herzliya conference, he said, "We will not allow Iran to turn Syria into a frontline base for activity against Israel. This is our clear policy, and we follow it."

"If we have [missiles] rain[ing], they will have a flood," he promised. "The Iranians attempted to attack Israeli territory, but not a single missile hit Israel. Some fell in Syria, and some were shot down by the Iron Dome. We have hit almost all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria."

"First of all, it needs to be clear: Unlike the Iranians, we aren't attempting to expand, and we're not trying to create a new border. The one who is constantly trying to expand and create new conditions for itself is Iran. And not just when it comes to Israel - we see them working in Yemen, in Lebanon, and in Africa.

"We do our best to ensure the security of Israel's citizens. We have no interest in conquering Syria or interfering in what's happening over there. We have no interest in escalation, but we need to prepare ourselves for every possibility.

"We are now facing a new reality, one in which Iran, as Iran, is trying to attack Israel, to harm our territory. And it won't happen."

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