Arutz Sheva spoke with the Grand Mufti of Tunisia, Othman Battikh during the recent visit of a delegation of the Conference of European Rabbis to Tunisia last weekend.

The rabbis were invited by the Tunisian government to strengthen the Jewish community, the Rabbi of Tunisia Rabbi Haim Bitan, and cooperation between Jews and Muslims in the war against Islamic terror.

The mufti welcomed the delegation, calling for unity between different faiths.

“Welcome dear visitors, our brothers from the Jewish community and their head rabbi, and everyone who is with him.

“Welcome to our beloved country, the land of peace, the land of coexistence of all religions, it doesn’t matter if you are from the three religions which worship God (Christianity, Jewish, Islam) or any other one, what unites is that we are humans.

“God gave us value and it is our duty to give values to others, without looking at their beliefs, welcome again and thank you and we wish you a good stay in Tunisia so we can accomplish our goals to unite all our worlds together and that is to be hand in hand and to communicate and to get to know each other more, and thank you.”