Netanyahu's speech on Iran
Netanyahu's speech on IranGPO

A senior intelligence official met Tuesday with political and military correspondents and revealed a little information of the daring operation to obtain Iran's nuclear archive, which uncovered over 100,000 documents detailing Tehran's nuclear program.

According to the source, Iran hid the archive and placed it under a very strict guard. Only a few in Iran knew about the archive. "We did not take the whole archive," said the senior intelligence official.

"We received a tremendous amount of material that never reached Israel and in great volume, in Persian, a very complex and challenging material," he said.

According to him, "the material reconfirmed what we knew in the past. Only to clarify - when the IAEA made their report it were based on a thousand documents, and we have over 100,000 documents, including new and significant material that shows with certainty that Iran seeks to develop nuclear weapons."

The official explained that the Iranian archives give Israel a clear picture and is proof of the existence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, alongside follow-up programs affiliated with Iran's political echelon, and programs that show the implementation and continued development of weapons.

He is not moved by the possibility that Iran will deny the credibility of the documents revealed by Netanyahu last night. "The scope and diversity of the information will not allow Iran to say that the material is forged."

"With every Iranian statement that they do not intend to produce nuclear weapons, we have 100 proofs that they are lying," the senior intelligence source said.

The head of the National Security Council, who also participated in a briefing for reporters, likened Iran to a medical problem. "The agreement was supposed to be a cure, but the archive revealed that the drug is not a cure and instead of looking for another drug, they continue to take the same drugs that causes side effects," he said.