Haredim in Bnei  (illustrative)
Haredim in Bnei (illustrative)Yaakov Cohen/Flash90

A 22-year-old Lithuanian-haredi young man will perform his National Service in Israel's Mossad, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

While haredim have been performing National Service for years, this is the first time a haredi volunteer will serve in the Mossad.

According to the National Civic Service Authority, a second haredi volunteer, age 21, is slated to join the first next year, Kikar Hashabbat noted.

National Civic Service Authority Director General Sar Shalom Jerbi said, "We congratulate the Mossad on opening its gates to National Service volunteers. I have no doubt that this is just the first part of the volunteers' security activities in the Mossad, and that the organization will know how to recognize the qualities and abilities of haredi volunteers."

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), who is also in charge of National Service, said, "The National Service is the State of Israel's social commando unit. Among the volunteers are the best of our sons and daughters, who serve in key positions, as well as leadership positions, in every field."

"The fact that this volunteer joined the ranks of an elite organization such as the Mossad is proof of his talents and of the personal development the Authority provides its volunteers with. I wish him and all the volunteers much success."