Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat
Jerusalem mayor Nir BarkatHadas Parush/Flash90

Israel's High Court of Justice dismissed an appeal by the Jerusalem Municipality against a controversial mixed Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Municipality had appealed against Thursday evening's event, contending that the event is insensitive towards bereaved families.

The memorial ceremony had caused a tussle between Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Culture Minister Miri Regev, with each one blaming the other for the event being allowed to proceed.

On Wednesday Barkat penned a letter imploring Regev to "stop this disgrace".

"I was disappointed to read that the Barbur gallery, which operates in the heart of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is preparing to hold a provocative event on the eve of Memorial Day for fallen IDF soldiers, during which the memories of both fallen IDF heroes and terrorists will be commemorated," wrote Barkat.

In response, Regev sent a missive accusing Barkat of abdicating his responsibility as Jerusalem's Mayor by enabling the event to continue as planned. "As you know, the authority to do so is in your hands, as the mayor of the city in charge of the property, and not in the hands of my ministry, which does not support the event," contended Regev.