Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahuצילום: ללא קרדיט

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed Friday's violent riots at the Gaza border fence Saturday night.

The prime minister delivered his remarks while attending traditional Mimouna celebrations held throughout Israel at the close of the Passover holiday, with the Suissa family in Gan Yavneh.

"I thank the Suissa family for opening their home and thank all the friends who came here tonight. We have been together for many years, and it is beautiful to see all the young people here this evening. You express tremendous support for me, my wife Sara, for the Likud movement and for our country.

"Our country is a wonder. Today everyone sees it. It is a state which is sought after by powers and entire continents - and not only because of the wonderful mufleta, (a Moroccan pastry eaten at the Mimouna), though also because of that. We are a small nation but full of spirit, and our achievements are a source of amazement around the world. Everyone knows this and feels it when they go abroad and return to Israel and see the development, the roads, the enormous successes.

"This does not mean that there are no challenges facing us, we see them right before us today. And first of all, I salute the IDF soldiers who guard us day and night. They protect us from those who pretend to speak for human rights while holding a Nazi flag. This is the bare and unadulterated truth. They talk about human rights, but in fact they want to trample the Jewish state. We will not give in to them, we will stand firm. We will keep our land, we will continue to build it together with all the tribes of Israel and all the citizens of Israel gathered around this table and around so many other tables.

"We believe in our people, we believe in our way of life. I'm proud of you.We will continue to do things together for the sake of the eternal Israel. Happy holiday, and enjoy the festivities!" Netanyahu concluided.