NetanyahuMiri Tzachi/TPS

The State informed the Supreme Court of the petition against the holding of the infiltrators at the Saharonim facility and announced that a special Israeli envoy had left for a third country, apparently Uganda, to determine whether the agreement for the country to accept illegal infiltrators from Israel is still in effect.

"In view of the recent allegations against the third state, and in view of the focus of exclusion in this country only now, a number of factual updates have been required, including by [sending] the Special Envoy to the third country responsible for the matter," the statement said.

"Accordingly, this emissary left this morning for the third country in question, and he is expected to provide answers and updates this evening, and at the latest on Thursday morning."

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will decide whether the infiltrators still imprisoned in the Saharonim facility will be released according to the update sent by the Special Envoy. "If the attorney general is not convinced that he has before him all that is necessary to start an involuntary deportation to the third country, the detainees will be released from custody," the statement said.