Jacuzzi (illustrative)
Jacuzzi (illustrative)iStock

The parents of the infant who died after nearly drowning in a hotel jacuzzi in Ashdod were arrested as part of the investigation into the baby's death.

In addition, the Ashkelon Magistrate's Court approved the police's request to carry out an autopsy on the one-year-old infant.

Due to the gag order, it is not possible to report further developments.

The court delayed the execution of the autopsy 24 hours after the family's representatives sought to appeal the decision. The police are demanding that the autopsy be carried out to determine the cause of death. The baby's family objects to the dissection due to halachic reasons.

Last night, extremist haredim blocked streets in Jerusalem, in protest against the police's intention to perform an autopsy. The Jerusalem light rail was intermittently blocked and there were confrontations between the police and the demonstrators.