Terrorist attack in London (archive)
Terrorist attack in London (archive)Reuters

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau on Sunday published travel warnings for the upcoming Passover holiday, during which terrorists could potentially target Israelis and Jews.

Among the countries that are listed in the statement are Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand and Kenya. This is in addition to countries to which Israelis are forbidden to travel throughout the year, such as Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned of attempts by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization to carry out attacks in these countries.

"The current period is characterized by a redesign of the patterns of terror operations around the world," the statement said. "The activities of the countries in the coalition headed by the United States and the Russian front in Syria and Iraq against ISIS have forced the organization and its activists out of the borders of these countries and to focus on its activity as a global terrorist organization.”

"Most of the attacks in the past year, with an emphasis on the Western countries, were initiated by local or isolated infrastructures that appropriated the ideology of the organization," it added.

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau issues periodical travel warnings for countries in which there is the threat of terrorist attacks. Most of these come before Passover and before the holidays of the month of Tishrei, when more Israelis take vacations.

A year ago it updated its warning against travel to the Sinai Peninsula, after two church bombings killed at least 43 people, with ISIS claiming responsibility.