An Israeli-American man whose father was shot and stabbed to death in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem two-and-a-half years ago confronted the United Nations Human Rights Council over its failure to confront Palestinian Authority support for terrorism.

In October 2015, Arab terrorists wounded some 20 Israelis in a combination shooting and stabbing attack in Jerusalem.

The attack left 78-year-old Haim Habib and 51-year-old Alon Guvberg dead.

About two weeks later, 76-year-old American-born Richard Lakin succumbed to his wounds.

A former activist who had marched for civil rights in the US in the 1960s, Lakin’s murder inspired his son, Micah, a CEO for an Israeli financial firm, to launch an NGO aimed at combating anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in the Palestinian Authority.

On Monday, Micah Avni Lakin addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council, criticizing the body and its envoy, Michael Lynk, for their refusal to challenge the PA’s policy of funding Arab terrorists jailed by Israel.

“My father, Richard Lakin, was brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the age of 76, Lakin told the council. “Shot in the head and butchered with a knife after he fell to the ground.”

“President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority rewarded his killers and their families with $3 million.”

“The Palestinian Authority actually has a ‘pay-to-slay’ law. Palestinians systematically pay terrorists to kill Jews. More than $300,000,000 a year. That’s 10% of the PA’s annual budget. The Palestinian Authority receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the UN, from the EU, and from countries like Germany, France, Britain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Ireland. They use this money to reward murderers.”

Lakin then addressed the UN Human Rights envoy to the Palestinian Authority, Michael Lynk, blasting him for his failure to document the PA’s financial support for terrorist attacks on Israeli Jews.

“Mr. Lynk, your report – like all of this council’s reports and resolutions – fails to mention the Palestinian pay-to-slay law. It ignores Palestinian use of United Nations funds as blood money. Mr. Lynk, what if I were to pay $3 million to have your father, Stanley, shot in the head? Members of this council, what if I were to pay $300 million dollars to have all of your fathers butchered? Would you report on that? Turning a blind eye while United Nations’ funds and your states’ funds, are funneled through the PA to pay for the murder of innocents is unconscionable.”