Police near scene of attack
Police near scene of attackDavid Michael Cohen/TPS

Police on Monday night arrested eight Arabs, merchants and residents of the Old City of Jerusalem, who witnessed the terror attack in which Adiel Kolman was murdered and did not act to prevent the murder.

The police investigation revealed that the eight suspects, the youngest of whom is 15 and the oldest 67, were on the same street in the Old City during the murderous attack, but elected to ignore it.

The eight were interrogated in the Central Unit of Jerusalem District Police. Two of them were released and the rest will be brought to court in the afternoon for a hearing.

"Israel Police will act to complete the investigation of the suspects and bring to justice any of them who could have prevented and/or reduced the atack's chance of success, tried to do something which could have saved the life of the victim," the police said.

In October 2015, a terrorist with a knife murdered Aharon Banita Bennett in the Old City of Jerusalem, and Ateret Cohamin teacher, Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, father of seven, who saw the stabbing from his home and ran to his aid. Banita Bennett's wife, Adele, also wounded by the stabber, turned to Arab storekeepers and passersby begging them to help her, but they laughed at her, kicking, and hitting the young woman, as she ran for her life with a baby in her arms and as her husband lay dead.