Forces operating last night
Forces operating last nightIDF Spokesperson

An IDF soldier who was seriously injured in the ramming terror attack on Friday is no longer in immediate life-threatening danger.

IDF forces from the Menashe regional brigade operated in the terrorist's village of Barta'a overnight in the wake of the Friday ramming attack on the road near the Arab village of Yabed, during which Captain Ziv Deus and Sergeant Netanel Kahalani were murdered.

The attack, which occurred near Mevo Dotan adjacent to Yabed in northern Samaria, left two additional soldiers injured.

The forces searched for illegal weapons at a number of sites throughout Barta'a, finding weapon parts and a homemade rifle.

In addition, during searches by an Etzion regional brigade force in the village of Beit Sahour, thousands of shekels of terror money were confiscated. Likewise, at locations across Judea and Samaria, the IDF, Shin Bet, Border Police and Israel Police arrested 8 persons suspected of terror activity. Suspects were transferred for interrogation.

Sergeant Netanel Kahalani, 20, of Elyakim, murdered in the terror attack on Friday, was laid to rest last night in the cemetery in his community. Lieutenant Ziv Daus, 21, from the community of Azor, will be laid to rest at noon in the military cemetery in Holon.