Opening road to Yitzhar
Opening road to YitzharSpokesman

Arabs from the village of Einabus this morning began clearing a road with a backhoe loader, connecting the outskirts of the village to Yitzhar.

This is ostensibly a closed military zone, but the army has not stopped the work as of this writing..

Yitzhar residents said that in the past few weeks PA officials have announced that PA President Mahmoud Abbas and PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah have ordered the earmarking of ,funds for area villages acting to take control of land between the villages and Yitzhar.

Yitzhar's committee says the road endangers village security, allowing vehicular traffic from Einabus to reach the outskirts of Yitzhar at a location where previous terror and arson attacks by Arabs have occurred.

"We expect the army to stop the work immediately and prevent a provocation which to our knowledge is backed by the Palestinian Authority and extreme left-wing elements whose goal is to inflame passions in the area and endanger village residents," the committee advised.