Binyamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Liberman
Binyamin Netanyahu, Avigdor LibermanYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Haredi journalist Benny Rabinovich accused the prime minister and defense minister of creating the false impression of a draft crisis by cynically exploiting genuine haredi distress.

“The time has come that we stop accepting spin. There is no draft crisis - the story is completely different. There is a prime minister knee-deep in investigations - one state witness after another, one investigations after another, one case after another - and Netanyahu, in full cooperation with Liberman, thought up and initiated this crisis.

“Liberman knew very well when he joined the coalition that the issue of the Draft Law needs to be solved in some form or another, and Netanyahu knows it well. But it is convenient for Liberman to go to elections over his opposition to the Supermarket Law and over the Draft Law, which he, as it were, succeeded in striking down, and it is convenient for Netanyahu to go to elections so people don’t say that it’s in order to free himself from the investigations and delay the Attorney General’s recommendations against him.

“It’s convenient for him to say that it’s over the Draft Law crisis. He can then tell all the Likud voters, ‘Look, I didn’t sign the Draft Law.’ Of course, after elections he will have to deal with the issue, but in the meantime he gains time.”

Rabinovich said that within United Torah Judaism (UTJ) there is consensus that the Draft Law must pass before the budget.

"There is no disagreement within United Torah Judaism that the draft law should be passed before the budget, because once the budget for 2019 passes, the chances of the draft law going through are negligible, and the significance is disastrous, unless they want to push the haredi public into a corner."

“Let’s see military police arrest thousands of yeshiva students. It’s not going to happen, and fortunately there is a large public in the State of Israel - not only the haredi public, but also a large national religious community - that values ​​and appreciates Torah study and understands that without Torah scholars, we have no right to exist. It is clear that the haredim do not want elections, but when the haredi public is pushed into a corner just when we are about to reach the goal set by the Supreme Court in order to approve the law, then there will be a situation here in which thousands of Torah students are acting illegally and are violating the law. How can we allow a situation like that?”