Shaked and Bennett
Shaked and BennettYonatan Sindel / Flash 90

Ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, currently in Washington for the 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference, are trying to help solve the Draft Law crisis.

According to reports, Bennett and Shaked are in contact with the haredi parties, Kulanu, and Yisrael Beyteinu to bring about a compromise proposal acceptable to all parties.

The proposal of the two Jewish Home Party ministers includes a compromise whereby Shas and United Torah Judaism will waive the ratification of a new Basic Law recognizing Torah study as a basic value in the Jewish State. Originally the Draft Law was to include that Basic Law, thereby allowing the government to circumvent a 2012 ruling by the Supreme Court. The ruling, made in response to a suit filed by secular Israelis, declared allowing fulltime yeshiva students to defer army service, a deferment accepted from the establishment of the state, to be discriminatory.

Instead, according to Bennett and Shaked's compromise, haredi parties would make do with passing the draft law in a preliminary reading, followed by discussions on the bill with the participation of all coalition factions.

At the same time, all objections to the budget transfer as set out by the haredi parties are to be retracted.

Sources close to the ministers believe their compromise proposal will ultimately be accepted because they are not perceived as acting for the Prime Minister or the Likud but for the benefit of the entire coalition.